Orthopedic Surgery at Kedron Vet Clinic

Orthopedic surgery is any surgery related to the care of bones, joints or associated tendons or ligaments.

Here at Kedron Vet Clinic we have a dedicated sterile operating theatre to perform a vast variety of orthopedic procedures.

Most common reasons required for orthopedic surgery can include:

  • Cruciate ligament repair.
  • Fractures.
  • Amputations.
  • Dislocations.

Cruciate Ligament Dog Surgery Brisbane

Our patient’s best interests are always kept at heart when performing these procedures so bloods and fluids are inclusive to ensure our clinic is providing the highest standard of care for your pet. Our veterinarian will also perform a pre surgery consultation so that you have a complete understanding of the procedure being performed and costs involved.

All patients are monitored closely after surgery to ensure they are progressing well, pain is managed and we are happy with their general health, for this reason we provide regular post operative appointments to ensure the best care for your pet is provided. We highly recommend upon discharge that all patients are limited in their mobility and forced rest occurs, unless directed otherwise by our vet. This is essential in your pet’s recovery process.

For complicated orthopedic cases we have excellent relationships with a variety of specialist Veterinarians in Brisbane who provide specialist referral for further advanced procedures and treatments.