Arthritis in dogs and cats have similar symptoms, causes and treatments. As your pet ages, they may suffer when their cartilage begins to wear away and stops protecting their bones during movement. If you believe your pet is showing signs of arthritis, speak to your Brisbane veterinary specialist.

The Symptoms of Arthritis

There are a few telling signs that could mean your cat or dog is suffering from arthritis. Speak to your vet if you notice:

  • Limping – if your pet is favouring one of their legs or shows signs of limping when they first wake up, they could have arthritic joints
  • Difficulty Moving – your dog may have difficulty getting in or out of the car, or your cat may stop jumping on high objects because of pain and discomfort
  • Spinal Abnormalities – a sore neck, lameness in hind legs, and a hunched back are all signs of arthritis
  • Tiredness – your pet may become tired earlier than normal and spend more time resting
  • Behavioural Issues – if your animal becomes irritable or snaps at you during petting, they could be protecting themselves from additional pain
  • Muscle Atrophy – arthritic pets may have thinner legs because they have stopped using the limb
  • Licking and Chewing – pets with arthritis will show more attention to affected areas, leading to hair loss and inflamed the skin

What Causes Arthritis in Animals?

Arthritis typically occurs as a result of ageing, obesity, infections, and medical conditions. This problem can be caused, and severely worsened, by dislocations, fractions and traumatic injuries. If your pet suffers an injury, don’t hesitate in taking them to see a vet because you may be able to help them heal in a way that minimises their chances of arthritis.

A healthy diet plays an important role in preventing arthritis or slowing down its progression. As an animal owner, you are in control of their weight, and obese animals are at a high risk of multiple conditions.

How Is Arthritis Treated?

Although arthritis cannot be cured, there are multiple pathways you can take to manage your pet’s pain and promote ligament growth. At Kedron Veterinary Clinic, we use radiography to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the internal bone and soft tissues.

K-Laser Treatment

We use advanced machines that offer therapeutic laser treatments for pain relief and tissue healing. K-Laser Therapy delivers specific wavelengths of laser light to induce a photochemical reaction, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation and minimising pain.


Acupuncture can be used to improve blood flow and increase the amount of metabolic waste a pet’s body can remove, alleviating pain and improving their range of motion. Dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis are prime candidates for acupuncture.


There are a few medications available to treat animals with arthritis, helping to stabilise joint membranes and repair cartilage. Medication is often used to allow an animal to resume normal exercise without pain. Speak to your vet about this option to create an optimal treatment plan.

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