When we bring animals into our homes, it’s important to stay vigilant about the state of their health because they can’t communicate their problems with us. At Kedron Veterinary Clinic, we treat a range of medical issues that are commonly found in cats and dogs.
To identify potential issues and ensure your pet is healthy, make an appointment for a general health check.


Cat Clinic

Cats are prone to a range of illnesses and diseases, especially as they grow older. We specialise in identifying and treating these issues as soon as they appear. Our Brisbane veterinary clinic can assist your cat with:



Dog Clinic

If you have any fears about your dog’s condition, speak to our Brisbane vet specialist and make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment. Your dog will benefit from vigilant care and early identification of health problems. Kedron Veterinary Clinic offers:



Dental Issues

Pets can suffer from a range of dental issues, similar to humans. If left untreated, your dog or cat’s dental problems can grow into serious gingivitis. Ensure you check your pet’s mouth during grooming and get in touch with Kedron Veterinary Clinic for an oral check-up. We offer services in:



Parasitic Issues

In addition to recommended vaccinations, your pet will need ongoing treatments to ensure they don’t suffer from parasitic infections. Our vet hospital will help you set up a regular schedule that will protect your animal from these dangerous illnesses. Speak to us about:



Joints and Movement

As pets age, they become more susceptible to a range of joint and muscle problems. Luckily, there are treatments available to diagnose and manage these problems, minimising your animal’s suffering. Speak to our team about: